These British royals look so much alike, it’s uncanny

The genetics sure are strong in the British royal family

Yes, we get it: People in the same family tend to look alike. But some of the resemblances between these relatives ― Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Charlotte, Prince Harry and Prince Philip, and Prince William and Prince George, for example ― are striking, to say the least. 

Below, we’ve compiled side-by-side images of British royal family members who are dead ringers for one another. 

Royal family looks so much alike
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Royal family looks so much alike

Prince Charles and Prince Harry as kids

On the left, a young Charles in 1952; his son Harry in a 1988 photo on the right.

Prince Charles and Prince Harry as adults

A bearded Charles is seen in a 1976 photo on the left; to the right, his son Harry in 2017.

Young Queen Elizabeth and Princess Charlotte

On the left, a 1929 photo of the queen as a young girl; on the right, her great-granddaughter Charlotte in 2016. 

Queen Elizabeth and Princess Charlotte today

The resemblance doesn’t stop there. These two look a whole lot alike — right down to their expressions — in this 2012 photo of the queen and this 2017 photo of Charlotte. 

Prince Edward and Prince William

So handsome! On the left, Edward in 1982; on the right, his nephew William in 1999.

Prince William and Prince George

On the left, William in 1984; on the right, his son George in 2015. In their matching outfits, they could pass for twins. 

Prince Philip and Prince Harry

Philip is seen in a 1945 photo on the left; on the right, his grandson Harry in 2016.

Princess Diana and Prince William

On the left, Princess Diana looking stunning in a 1986 photo; on the right, her dashing son William in 2001.

Prince Charles and Prince George

On the left, a 1951 photo of a young Charles; on the right, his grandson George in 2015.

The Queen Mother and Princess Eugenie

On the left, a 1914 portrait of a young Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon (who later became the Queen Mother); on the right, her great-granddaughter Eugenie in 2009.

Princess Eugenie and Prince Harry

On the left, Sarah, Duchess of York, carries her daughter Eugenie on her shoulders in a 1992 photo; on the right, the late Diana, Princess of Wales, holds her son Harry in a 1986 photo. Eugenie and Harry are cousins.

Queen Elizabeth and Princess Anne

On the left, the queen in 1972; on the right, her daughter Anne in 2016.


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